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What Should You Do With Your Car If It No Longer Runs?

Posted on 07th, Sep 16

If your car no longer runs you have two options, you can get it fixed or Scrap For Cash. When you take it to the mechanic and they quote to repair it these costs can be excessive. If it’s not worth the expense then you could consider scrapping it. You can get it to the wrecking yard yourself or use a professional Car Removal company. Loman Car Removals Perth will take your car off your hands even if it no longer works. They offer free towing and will provide you with an obligation ‘free quote’ for how much cash they can give you for it. Here’s what you should do with your car if it no longer runs.

Scrap Car Removals Perth

Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

By choosing a Car Removal company you will get Cash On The Spot for it. No matter what condition it’s in, it’s still worth something. There are a number of factors a Cash For Cars company will take into consideration when determining how much they can offer you. They make consider size, weight, metals as well as make and condition. Taking into account all these aspects can help you get top cash for your scrap car. You may be asked for an odometer reading so you need to ensure you are accurate with the details you provide. If you’ve let your car become a rusty heap it will still be able to make you money, however, the amount you will get is likely to be reduced as it will take technicians a lot longer to recondition and recycle materials. The market value of scrap metal will largely determine how much you can make from your old car. At Loman car removals Perth, we pay instant Cash For Cars Up to $4999 for any condition, age, make and model of the vehicle.

Car Removal Companies Will Take Care Of The Paperwork

All you will need to get rid of your old car is your photo identification along with either the title of ownership or the Scrap Certificate. The company you choose should write up the sales contract and bring it along when they come to tow away the vehicle. If you haven’t signed anything then you are still liable for the car. Once you have signed it over, the Car Disposal company takes on the responsibility for it.

Ensure The Company Is Legitimate

You should ensure you take the time to properly research the Car Removal company you choose to use. They should be fully licensed and insured. Any professional removal service will be happy to provide evidence on request. If there are any red flags you should choose another company as there are plenty of them around. Another thing to look for is their address and telephone number and make sure they actually exist. If there are no premises at the address listed then this is a cause for concern. It is worthwhile using a legitimate business so that everything runs smoothly.

When you sell your car to a Car Disposal service you ensure a quick and easy way of getting rid of it. You want to ensure you find a trustworthy business that can pay up. If you are looking at getting rid of your car Loman Car Removal will take care of everything for you. Call now on 0416 560 008 for more information.