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Few Things You Don’t Know About Car Removal Services

Posted on 07th, Feb 17

Do you have a car wasting away in your garage? It’s probably not worth selling and you have no idea what to do with it… Well, if that’s your dilemma, contact experts at Loman Car Removals to avail numerous benefits from our services.

Have you always been worried about Cash for Car companies loot the customers? We bet after knowing the following 4 amazing things about registered Car Removal services, you won’t think twice before calling us at 0416 560 008

You Don’t Have to Pay a Cent
“You have to pay for your vehicle to be towed away” is the most common misconception about Car Removal firms. Car removal companies are not going to cost you a thing to have your car taken away. It is absolutely free.

In fact, they will give you cash after an evaluation. They are taking away your car to use, regardless of its condition. Many of your car’s parts and materials are still possible to recycle and reuse. The car that is useless to you holds great value to these companies so you certainly do not have to pay for it to be towed away.

It’s Quick and Easy
There are many companies available who are interested in your vehicle. Look for reputable firms that are reliable as well as quick. Reputable firms don’t take weeks to have your car taken away and they should be able to schedule you in as soon as possible. Mostly on the day, you reach out to them!

You will be amazed at how quickly the whole process can be – from evaluation to paying you cash for your vehicle and getting rid of your unwanted vehicle, takes less than a few hours.

You Contribute to the Environment
By disposing off your car responsibly through a registered car removal service, you are making a positive change to the environment. Do you know that 95% of your car is recyclable and can be reused; whether as used parts or by melting down the metals to make other items? This, in turn, reduces the waste produced by your car.

Cash in Your Pocket
You do not have to pay for the service and you also get rewarded for it. If you agree to the offer made by the car removal company, you get paid on the spot in cash. A trustworthy company gives you a good amount for your vehicle. Extra cash is always a bonus for getting rid of your unwanted car.

Car Removal services are designed to help you get rid of your unwanted car, and the companies benefit from reusable parts and components. The process is quick and easy and an environment-friendly option to landfilling.

On the plus side, you also receive Cash for your Car without having to pay for towing. Loman Car Removals offer free towing and an obligation-free quote along with instant cash for your car. We make the process super simple and easy. Get to know us at: 0416 560 008