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How to Know the Causes of Engine Overheating During Perth Summer

Posted on 28th, Dec 17

The car is heating up; the engine warning light comes on, and you can see steam coming from the hood of your engine. “Not now!” you think. You know it could mean your engine if you don’t immediately pull over and let the car rest. Overheating cars is a serious situation. Your car’s temperature climbs and is no longer able to support the engine and mechanical damage can occur. Loman Car Removals Perth provides car owners with the following tips on the causes of engine overheating and how to prevent engine from overheating.

Different Causes for Overheating in Perth Summer

There are different reasons that engines can overheat with a common problem being a problem with the cooling system. The cooling system is comprised of parts like the water pump, radiator, thermostat, heater core, and coolant hoses. When one of these components become worn or broken the engine may overheat.

Cars can also overheat because the coolant level is too low or there may be a coolant leak. Leaks along with too much space in the coolant container cause air to get sucked in and circulated. When the air rises to the top of the car’s cooling system it causes an airlock and the engine will start to heat up, causing the car to overheat.

  • A malfunction in the radiator fan can also cause an engine to overheat. When a radiator fan is not properly working it will not supply adequate air for the engine. With a problem such as this, typically a mechanic is necessary as the radiator fan will need to be replaced.
  • There is a blockage in the cooling system. With a malfunction such as a blockage in the cooling system the coolant will not properly circulate to the radiator due to the thermostat not opening properly or there can be some type of mineral deposits in the radiator or a foreign object in the system itself that will cause the car to overheat.
  • The car is experiencing a failure with its water pump. The water pump is constructed with a bearing or impeller that is continually turning. When it is worn or breaks, it can cause the engine to heat up.
  • The car may have problems with its chains or belts in the engine. Typically, the serpentine or timing belt makes a sound that alerts the driver that they are worn or damaged. When this situation occurs it is important for the belts to be replaced to avoid the problem of overheating.

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