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Free Scrap Car Removals that Pay Cash? Really?

Posted on 25th, Apr 15

Most things associated with vehicles mean out of pocket expenses- repairs, accessories, painting, etc. Even polishing your vehicle takes time away from your schedule, which can mean money in itself; and, the muscle to polish the vehicle can leave you feeling sore for days. So, when it comes time to sell your vehicle, it is no wonder vehicle owners procrastinate. Selling a vehicle takes a lot of time and effort as well as cost. Most vehicles are subject to quite a bit of wear and tear over the years. The rims need scrubbing; the interior needs a good cleaning and usually, there is a repair or two to have done under the hood. Then, there are the vehicles that you can’t get behind the wheel because they are no longer road safe. Selling a used or junk vehicle is not an easy task. Which, brings us to free car removals. Car removal companies in Perth not only pay cash for cars but remove the car for free. It is an attractive alternative to the traditional means of selling your vehicle, especially when companies like Loman Car Removals pay up to $4,999 on any free car removal. Whether used or scrap, cash for cars from removal companies in Perth can be a good deal.

The Cash for Cars system that car removal Perth companies offer leaves a lot of vehicle owners doubting. The entire concept sounds too good to be true. Give one of the companies a call, provide a few details about your vehicle and they offer you a cash offer that could be more than you might be offered should you sale your car to a third party or take it to the wrecking yard.

Knowing you are likely ready to hear more- let’s get a little deeper into the role of the car removal company.

Car removal companies Perth will vary, depending on the different services they provide. Some are for hire for towing when you break down on the side of the road or need your vehicle towed from one location to another. Other offer free car removals. And, some offer both. Perth removal and towing companies that do offer free car removals should also offer cash for the removal. The ideal of the service is to recycle the vehicles, so that value is pulled from the car, avoiding landfills and damage to the environment. This process allows car wreckers to dismantle the car for salvageable parts and then crush the metal of the vehicle into scrap metal to recycle and reuse, as well as resell, leaving an old scrap vehicle a valuable old scrap vehicle once they work their magic. Vehicle owners get a free car removal and free car disposal and cash of up to $4999 paid at the time the vehicle is removed when they call a company like Loman Car Removals. The situation is a win-win situation.

Now, you might be wondering what the advantage of a car removal company is with a used vehicle. Suppose you put a little time and effort into the vehicle- made a few repairs, cleaned and polished the vehicle and advertised it for sale. You’d likely spend a few hundred on the vehicle at least getting it ready for sale and advertising it. Then, there is time spent returning calls and emails and taking the time out to meet with potential buyers. Then, comes the hard part. Listening to the buyers haggle over the price. The troubles associated with buying a car is one reason car removal companies are turning to car removal Perth companies like Loman Car Removals. These companies pay a fair price for used vehicles.

If a car removal company sounds like a solution, do not assume that all car removal companies are equal. Reputability is important. Even a few hundred dollars is hard to be out of, and if you end up with a company that is not a professional car removal company, you could end up out your vehicle and the cash they offered you to buy your vehicle. Do your homework and make certain that the company is one that is well established and reputable.

For a professional car removal company that offers fast and efficient car removals, give Loman Car Removals a call. We offer a full range of car removal and disposal services and pay up to $4999 on each:

  • Scrap Car Removals
  • Used Car Removals
  • Damaged Car Removals
  • Accident Car Removals
  • Old Car Removals
  • Unwanted Car Removals
  • Wrecked Car Removals
  • Junk Car Removals

Just give us a call at the number below or fill out our easy to complete “Instant Car Appraisal” found on our website. If you require a same day car removal, let us know, and we will pencil you in.

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