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How to Have Your Car Recycled in Perth

Posted on 25th, Jan 18

Having your car recycled in Perth is the new way to dispose of old, damaged, and scrap cars. You likely have heard many advertisements for green car recycling, or eco-friendly car recycling, and with each something about Cash For Car recycle. That is the exact concept at Loman Car Removals in Perth – to pay cash for car recycles.

Loman Car Removals is a company that buys cars to recycle. When the car is old, and there is no life left in the car, or the car has a severe body or engine damage and not worth the cost of repairs, we are the company to call to get your car sold for cash and have it recycled with us for free.

We are wreckers that recycle, collecting scrap cars or end of life cars to bring to our facility to recycle for their scrap metals. The process is one that is advanced, and one that is profitable for car owners as they can get anywhere from a hundred or two hundred dollars for their scrap condition cars, or more. Our wreckers & recyclers have all the necessary tools and equipment so that they can recycle cars to their fullest value.

When you have your car recycled with Loman Car Removals, you don’t have to do a thing. We are not a recycling facility that makes it necessary for you to bring your car to us to get it sold. We come to you to get it sold. We are also not a facility that makes car owners prep their cars, such as drain any fluids from the cars or removes the tyres. We recycle fluids like oil, as well as tyres. We also understand that most car owners do not have the tools or equipment to do these types of DIY car preparing.

Car Removals Perth makes the process to get rid of an old or damaged car simple. We cannot remove a car unless a car owner accepts our cash quote; so, car owners will be required to contact us for a cash quote for their old or scrap condition cars, trucks, & SUVs.

  • Contact a Loman Car Removals appraiser over the phone or online. We will require that the make, model, year, and a description of the car be provided to provide a cash quote.
  • Accept or reject our cash quote.
  • Schedule a free car removal anywhere in Perth. Our Perth wreckers work nearly around the clock to provide our customers with fast car removals within hours of their conveniences.
  • Count your cash.

Selling your scrap or old car is that quick and simple. Our process is one that does not require that you pay any attention to your car such as waxing the exterior or making repairs under its hood. We simply require that car owners clear out all their personal belongings from the car.

Why Choose Us?

There are different things that car owners look for when selling their cars; however, when selling an end of life car or one that is damaged, typically they want a buyer that pays cash and collects the car at no cost. Loman Car Removals offers just that. We pay cash on the spot when we arrive to collect cars. We are also a car buyer that is established in the community, and one that is reputable.

With Loman Car Removals, you have an instant buyer for your car of any make and condition. For more information or a quick cash quote, contact us at the number below or visit our homepage to complete our online form.

Call us at 0416 560 008.