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When Everything Stops Working

Posted on 14th, Apr 16

Just like it is in an abusive relationship, clinging to your car after it stops working will only cause more pain and disappointments. This is because you will almost always be dealing with unmet expectations in the form of trips canceled due to breakdowns, problems in the morning when the car fails to start, and all manner of problems.

This is why you need to make arrangements for a new car as soon as you see signs of trouble brewing in your old car. Don’t wait for that moment when everything stops working because the impact on your life (and your wallet) will be very big. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that will tell you when to start thinking about a new car. Here are some reasons that will show that you need a new car:

When your mechanic starts storing part of his CD collection in your glove box. If you find that the car makes you visit the repair shop several times a month, then you should start making arrangements for a new car. Don’t wait until the mechanic starts storing his music in your glove box to see how unreliable your car has become.

When the cost of repair gets close to the value of the car. In addition to the frequent need for repair, if you find that repair costs end up being close to the value of your car, it’s time to dig deeper into your pocket for another car. Repair costs increase with the age of the car while depreciation lowers the value of the car with every passing year.

Your mechanic has to use his connections to get parts. This is another sign that you have held on to your car for too long. When a car goes out of production, replacement part manufacturers will continue producing parts for a number of years before stopping. If you still own the same old car after this period, you will have a very hard time finding replacement parts.

The cashier at the gas station knows you personally. With every new model, car manufacturers are making cars with better fuel economy. Old cars are fuel guzzlers hence when you find that you are spending more on fuel than all your friends, it might be time to consider parting ways with your high school sweetheart.

Your child prefers to walk to school. Children are normally embarrassed by the presence of their parents from time to time, but if your child turns down a ride to school in the snow, rain or some other harsh weather condition, then you probably need to think more seriously about a new car.
You change duct tape every 3000 miles. While a good DIY fix is not a bad idea to get you to the repair shop, if you find that your car is held together by duct tape and other such quick fixes, it’s time to hit the dealerships with a chequebook.

You are not concerned about someone stealing your car. The longer you stay with your car, the more it depreciates. The more it depreciates, the less appealing it becomes for car thieves hence the likelihood of it being stolen even if you leave the doors open is lower.

Now that we know when to start thinking about a new car let’s talk about what to do to your old car to make space for a new one. Depending on its condition and how old it is, you have a number of options.

Let’s take a closer look about each of these options:

Reselling: The first option is reselling it. You can try finding a new buyer for it on classified sites or car dealers. However, this is not an option past a certain age, so if you have waited too long, this might not be an option for you.

Donating: This involves donating the car in exchange for a tax benefit. Many countries offer this as an option for disposing of your old car so make a point of checking with your local authorities if this can work for your old car.

Open Plots and Landfills: Although not common and highly discouraged, this is another method that you can use to dispose of your old car. However, you will be doing more damage to the environment by polluting the soil while filling up space that can be used for other productive purposes.

Car Wrecker: Car wreckers offer car removal services to people with old and Damaged Cars. They will buy the car regardless of the year of manufacture or the damage sustained on the car. This is like reselling the car, but you’ll be sure that it’s causing no damage to the environment because the wreckers will take it apart and recycle the parts and the metals.

If you find that your car needs a meeting with a Car Wrecker, Loman Car Removals Perth is a company that has a proven track record of giving car owners top dollar for their old cars. Reach out and make the first step towards owning a new car.