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The Right Time To Scrap Your Car In Perth

Posted on 27th, Apr 17

Not so many people are aware that they can easily turn their old cars into cash and save the money & hassles associated with maintaining an old car. For the few who have the knowledge, they seem not to know when the right time to dispose of their cars is, and as a result, they end up waiting longer than necessary and eventually fetching very little cash for their scrap vehicles.

When it comes to car removal in Perth, timing is vital, and here are some of the signs to tell you it’s time to ‘scrap your car’:

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When Completely Stalled

If your car is no longer in an operable condition and can’t be used on the roads anymore, then this would be a good time to call a “Cash for Cars Company”. You may be tempted to try to get the car back on the road but this may end up gobbling up more resources without any success.

Again, it will be tempting to just let the car collect dust and rust in your driveway but this will ruin the aesthetics of your compound for no good reasons. Therefore, if your car is in an inoperable condition, the best thing to do is to scrap it away. Always look for genuine cash for a car company like Loman Car Removals who will provide you with a Free Scrap Car Removal service in Perth!

Increased Cost of Maintenance

If the car has become fuel-inefficient or you have to make many trips to your mechanic in one week, then it may be a good time to scrap it away. In such a case, the car will become too costly to maintain and even though it is still operational, the expenses associated with keeping it on the road is not worth incurring. Instead, you can consider selling it to Cash for Cars Company and use the proceeds to get a more efficient model.

When Declared Salvage

There are also instances when your car may be declared salvage and salvage certificate issued against it. When that happens, you have the option of letting the insurance company retain the car and give you monetary compensation or you can as well retain the car with the hope of selling it as scrap metal. A good option would be to sell the car to Cash for Cars dealers in Perth and have them give you good money without the long-winding processes associated with selling the car to other buyers.

If you have a scrap car you would wish to sell in Perth, call Loman Car Removals Perth now at 0416 560 008 for good deals of up to $4,999 on your scrap car.