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The world cup comes first

Posted on 15th, Aug 14

Everybody has that one sporting event that gets his juices flowing. For Americans it is the Superbowl or the NBA Finals, while for some others that may be the Olympics or the Taekwon-do world championship. For many people, however, the world cup is the absolute height of the excitement. Of course, here we are talking about the soccer world cup, although rugby also gets the juices flowing. However, when it finally comes around, after a whole four year wait period there aren’t many things left that should be on your mind. You should be able to think about nothing else but cheer your team all the way into the k.o. stage of the championship. If anything, going to the store to pick up some back up beers and an additional bag of chips to add to the excitement of the games is allowed. Everything else, however, would be a stretch.

And while that may sound drastic to some people already, there are plenty of crazy fans who will take their entire years’ vacation days to not only cheer on their own team over the period of four weeks, but also to have a good hard look at all the competitors of the other teams. This will then prove beneficial when taking over not only the role of the fan, but also that of the coach ready to yell and instruct his men to do more than humanly possible.

Another thing that is an unspoken rule for all soccer fans is that no game shall be watched alone. Whether you are inviting over family, friends, the guys from work or the guy who sleeps in front of the liquor store around the corner, somebody needs to be there to enjoy the festivities with you. Of course, you are also allowed to migrate over to somebody else’s house if yours still looks like you celebrated Brazilian carnival the night before, all the way from your bedroom, through the kitchen to the living room. Just ensure that your car has enough gas, enough tire pressure and everything else that it needs to run smoothly, because if for whatever reason, it stops working halfway there, you will have no other choice but to take up the six-packs and snacks from the backseat and start running until you reach your watching destination. Missing even the first 3 minutes and 43 seconds is considered a capital crime and may be punished with the demotion from diehard fan to bandwaggoner.

So, in order to avoid being the only bandwagon fan of your group of friends, lock your car and start running. Considering the fact that there surely is a car removal service that services the area in which you have to “park” your car, there should be nothing holding you back from making not only the national anthems but also the line-ups and warm-ups. One of said services in your area is Loman Car Removals. Upon your call, they can come and tow your car for you. If you already know what the reason for your car’s failure is or if one of Loman Car Removal’s team members quickly figures out that there is no hope left for your old four-wheeled friend then you are again in the right spot already. Loman Car Removals can take care of your old and dysfunctional vehicle for you and take the burden off of your shoulders. The experienced workers are able to deal even with severely Damaged Cars of all sorts and will tow your vehicle for you for free. So, whether your car gave up on you on the way to the world cup barbecue that you had been looking forward to for years or it has simply been sitting on your property without movement for months, call Loman Car Removals today and find out more about their free car removals.