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Get The Highest Cash Rate For Old Cars In Perth – Here’s How?

Posted on 16th, Mar 20

Old Vehicles can be a hard sell – after all, they’re much more prone to mechanical faults and are generally much less eye-pleasing than a newer vehicle. If you live in Perth, however, you can Sell Your Old Car for Instant Cash with Perth’s leading Car Removal service, Loman Car Removals. Our same-day service can turn your old car into an Instant Cash for Cars payment in minutes. Keep reading to find out how.

  1. Contact Leading Perth Auto Wreckers, Loman Car Removals

First, get in touch with us either through a phone call with our friendly staff or online. We’ll ask for some details about your vehicle, such as its condition, age, make, model and how many kilometers it’s been driven. From that, we’ll calculate a free quote in minutes which you can take or leave without pressure.

  1. Accept Our Top Cash for Cars Offer

After considering our Cash for Cars offer (you can take your time) and saying yes, you can then schedule your appointment with us. Book us at any time, even as soon as possible – all we need is about half an hour.

  1. Prepare Your Photo ID and Proof of Ownership

Before our licensed Car Removal team arrives at your old car’s location, prepare your photo ID and Proof of Ownership. Your car’s plates will need to be removed, but we will be happy to do this for you.

  1. Get Paid Instant Cash for Cars On the Spot

After our team arrives, we’ll guide you quickly through the paperwork (which we provide for free) and then pay you on the spot. Our friendly team are happy to answer any questions you may have and ensure that you’re happy with your competitive Cash for Cars deal. With Loman Car Removal, there are no surprises and no hassles – just a reliable and streamlined Auto Wreckers service.

  1. Free Old Car Removal

Finally, after our team quickly completes the process of transferring your vehicle to us, we’ll collect your old car within minutes of our arrival. And just like that, you’ll be all smiles with your Instant Cash for Cars payment in your pocket!

Contact Loman Car Removal Perth today at 0416 560 008 / 08 9279 8550